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A series of broadcasts of the original Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation, transmitted and recorded in the 1970's.

Each Playlist contains several different Broadcast events as heard on The Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation. Click on each playlist title and see the listing of programs.

Playlist #1 Playlist #2
  • Dinner Music
  • Gallo Chart Busters
  • RBC General Service
  • Recordings from the bush
  • Sundowner Time
  • 12th Anniversary UDI
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Lyons Maid Hits of the Week
  • Lyons Maid - 4 hits
  • 6pm New Sept. 24, 1976
  • News Broadcast
Palylist #3 Playlist #4
  • Prime Ministers Address
  • The PM Show, Umtali 17/4/76
  • Bright & Early Show
  • Radio Jacaranda 1979
  • Gallo Chart Busters
  • RBC news Reel etc
  • Address to Nation re UDI
  • Ian Smith Interview
  • Address to Nation re Kissinger
  • Lord Carrington - Lancaster House
  • John Bishop Program 1966
Goon Show  

21 episodes of the popular comedy series feasturing Harry Seacombe, Peter Sellers and other.



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